Here are some recommendations for trips either by walk, by bike or by a car...

rybniky 2Lanškroun’s ponds
GPS: 49°55'10,72"N 16°35'28,99"E
Nature park with 4 ponds located west from the city surrounded by forests. The 4 ponds Olšový, Pšeničkův, Slunečný a Plockův are spread on 243 ha, where people come to for a walk, fishing or to relax. There is a track, which would take you around the area, where you will be able to find tables with some information from the history of the place or nature.



mariana 3The Marian’s Hill
GPS: 49°57'39.18"N 16°35'24.32"E
On the Marian’s Mountain you will find a place of the pilgrims as well as a church 491 meters above the sea level. There is an interesting fact about this church as from ě different eaves water flows to different seas – the North Sea, the Black Sea. Near from the Marian’s Mountain is 18 meters high lookout tower.


GPS: 49°55'32.474"N, 16°42'19.428"E
Lázek is the highest spot on Zábřeh’s Highlands at the level of 714 meters above the sea level. In 1933, the Reichel’s hut was built here as restaurant with a lookout tower, which offers spectacular views on nearby Czech mountains. There is also Memorial to the victims of anti-Nazi resistance during the World War II.


suchakSuchý Hill
GPS: 50°03'08.0"N 16°41'22.
At the top of the Suchý Hill was built a hut called Kramář’s Hut in 1928. In 1932, a lookout tower has been opened, which offers beautiful views to local mountains and hills. About 3 kilometres from the Kramář’s Hut, there is a Muzeum of artillery fortress Bouda, which was built before the World War II.


GPS: 50°12'53.8"N 16°33'1.79"E
Neratov is a village, which was founded in 1550. After the World War II, when the Germans living in the boarder’s areas of the Czech Republic were forced to move out, the village almost disappeared. In 1898, there were only 2 inhabitants. In 1992 a priest Josef Suchár helped to bring this village back to life. The Temple of Assumption of the Virgin Mary is located in the village, which has glass roof.