Concerts, theatre shows, cinema, museum – those are the cultural possibilities in Lanškroun...

kinoLanškroun’s Cinema
T.G.Masaryka 3, Lanškroun
Phone: 465 324 662
Playing various new films on daily basis.



kcLanškroun’s Centre of Culture
náměstí A. Jiráska 1, Lanškroun
Phone: 465 325 668
Theatre shows and concerts.



muzeumlaMuseum Lanškroun
náměstí A. Jiráska 1, Lanškroun
Phone: 465 324 328
The museum offers its visitors to get to know the history of Lanskroun as well as of the city’s surroundings as well as Czech known persons such as sculptor Zdeněk Kolářský or composer and conductor Jindřich Praveček.


muzeumremeselHandcraft Museum in Letohrad
Nový dvůr 143, Letohrad
Phone: 465 622 160
More than 50 exhibitions from 1840 to 1930 are shown in this museum together with some technical exhibitions.



Invitations to current events, you will find at Lanš